Adopt a pet and save a life

Each year, around 625,000 dogs and cats are killed annually in our state’s shelters. But it does not have to be that manner. An estimated 17 million people will upload a brand new pet to their families this 12 months. If extra of them would select to adopt a puppy, instead of purchasing one, we could reduce the range of animals killed in shelters drastically.

Reasons to undertake a puppy:
You will save a lifestyles.
If you adopt an adult puppy, there is a possibility you could keep away from some of the hassles associated with residence-schooling and teething, that are associated with puppies and kittens. Of route, if you opt for a domestic dog or kitten, rescue groups and shelters have masses of these available as well.
You’ll keep cash because adoption expenses much less than shopping for an animal from a puppy store or breeder.
Perfectly “ideal” animals of all breeds, shapes, a while and sizes are available at shelters and rescue agencies. Just due to the fact an animal finally ends up there doesn’t imply there may be whatever incorrect with them. They are just in want of a 2d threat.
You just would possibly meet your first-class buddy. Start your seek now.
What Best Friends is doing
Thanks to such a lot of rescue proponents across the u . S . A ., each individuals and organizations, we agree with that adoption is rapid becoming the hip manner to gather a puppy, and that it is only a count number of time before buying a puppy feels as peculiar for most of the people as throwing a recyclable plastic bottle in the trash.

But just due to the fact we are on a terrific trajectory would not suggest we can allow up. So encouraging adoption is a common thread that runs via nearly all of the paintings we do.

Here are only a few of the things Best Friends is doing to make adopting a pet convenient and appropriate:

Hosting high-quality adoption events in towns throughout the country. Each event reveals houses for hundreds of animals in just one weekend.
Running adoption centers in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, New York and Atlanta, in which all animals up for adoption come from neighborhood shelters.
Creating advertising promotions for use by using our Best Friends Network companions (one popular promotion is Back in Black, designed to inspire human beings to adopt black animals, regularly ignored in shelters).
Hosting a national database of adoptable pets right on this internet site. Search for adoptable pets here.

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