Learn the Lost Art of Touch Typing

Computers have replaced typewriters, but two-finger, hunt-and-peck typing can never replace the touch typing of a trained professional.

A recent report by Robert Johnson in the Boston Globe highlights the decline
of typing skills. Human resource managers are finding it surprisingly difficult
to recruit candidates with the most basic of all office skills. According to
Johnson, “the rapid-fire 100-word-per-minute applicant has virtually disappeared. Today, a mere 40 words per minute is enough to gain many administrative

Paradoxically, as computers are being used by more and more people, it has
become apparent that typing is not just a skill required by typist anymore.
Strong typing skills are vital when conducting a thorough web search, entering
data into a spreadsheet or using any other computer program. Ubiquitous email
means that merely doubling your typing speed could save hours each week! Yet many of us
persist with the two-finger, hunt-and-peck typing method.

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