Creative Toys for Girls Ages 9 And Older: Unlocking Imagination Promotes Life Balance

There is Only One Craft Kit Book!

Shrink & Links Jewelry Set by Kiltz. We love this set! There are lots of craft sets, but there is only one craft kit BOOK!

This craft book contains several beautifully illustrated, kid-friendly pages with step-by-step instructions for each type of craft. The back of the book is about ½ an inch thick and is a built-in, storage area for all the supplies that are included in the set. How convenient that this book includes much of the equipment you need to bring your designs to reality!

Tricky Parts That Challenge Older Children

You will need to help your child use the oven. Your child will need to use the oven under the supervision of a responsible adult. You will need some additional supplies like scissors and permanent felt and colored pencils (be careful not to use watercolor). Water colored, washable supplies will melt and run in the heat and lift from the plastic.


washable supplies will melt and run in the heat and lift from the plastic


Faber-Castell Colored Pencils Work Best with Shrink And Links

We used my little artist’s fancy pencils – Faber-Castell, just a minimalist pack of 24 colors was enough for these art projects. Faber-Castells are professional grade artist pencils, and provide vivid colors that work well with the plastic Shrink and Link set.

A Craft Set That Offers Endless Variety

My children loved this! The best part was that you can make jewelry, pendants and even small picture frames. The book contains the necklace chain, “S” hooks, and sequence and other supplies you may need to decorate unique creations. There is enough supplies for do-overs. Hence, the storage space at the back of the book to keep your emerging artist organized!

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