The Indispensable Features of Plastic Packaging

The use of plastic packaging has become extensive in almost all spheres of life. Plastic has been in use for the past several decades in one form or the other. It is widely used for covering and protecting perishable food items as well as consumer goods with low shelf life. With uses wide and varied, the industry of plastic packaging has grown tremendously in the past several years.

Different Uses of Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging is mostly used by industries for packing consumer goods to sustain its durability. Most of the eatables are also packed in plastic to protect it from different climatic conditions. In addition to food items, beauty products, electronic items and many more are packed using plastic packaging materials.

The use of this packing material has skyrocketed with the increase in consumer goods which requires strong and durable packs to protect it from dust and air. Most of the electronic items like TV, VCDs, Computers and so forth are packed in plastic covers to protect it from heat, dust and bugs.

Beauty products like shampoos, creams, gels and dyes are also packed in plastic bottles and boxes. Most of the industries rely on plastic packaging to pack their products. Perishable consumer goods such as food items which include chocolates, butter, ice-cream and so forth are packed neatly in this well known product. The use and importance of this packing material has wide and varied.

This product include different types of materials used for packaging like PET, which is also known as Polyethylene Terephthalate, used mainly for packing fruit juice, jelly, pickles, health drinks and so forth. On the other hand cosmetics and beauty products like shampoos, dish washing soap bottles, laundry soap bottles and bags are made of HDPE or High Density Polyethylene.

Domestic and Other Uses of Packaging Materials

Besides serving industrial purposes of packing perishable and non perishable goods, the plastic packaging materials are also used for various domestic purposes. The availability of plastic pouches and zippers has led to better storage facilities in many homes. You can easily pack lunch and other food items in the zippers to retain its freshness and nutritional value.

You can also store food in the refrigerator with the plastic films which is another product that is quite commonly used. These films can be used to cover cakes, noodles, bread and other food items to store it from dust and air. Display boxes and packaging boxes are used in many stores to pack oil, chocolates, rice and flour.

Skin packaging is another packing material that can be used only once by sealing the product tightly. Certain companies also offer re-sealable pouches which can be used for a longer period of time. An assortment of garbage and trash bags is also available which is widely used in homes and offices.

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