Why Can’t We Live Without Plastics?

Let’s face it plastic bottles, containers and grocery store bags are filling up our landfills. Our oceans end up with massive amounts of plastic debris each year, as these plastic throw-aways wash into the sea. Worse, they tend to accumulate and take long periods to decay and decompose, and as they do they also enter the food chain.

Plastics cause problems for living organisms because Earth creatures have not evolved in a way to use these man-made compounds that do not appear naturally in nature. If you take a look at your trash sometime you will note all the plastic trash, even if you recycle not all of it gets recycled every time and not everyone separates out their trash. When they make thinner plastic containers, they decompose faster which is good, but partially decomposed plastics are dangerous to many animals and the eco-system.

One environmentalist recently asked; “Why can’t we live without plastics?”

Well, it is not as easy as it seems because everything is made of plastic these days. Consider the average car, it has almost as much plastic as metal. Look around your own home and see all the plastic. The TV clicker, your VCR, and TV, just consider that half of the stuff you own is made completely of plastic or has components that are plastic. Would it be smart to cut down on all the plastic stuff we buy?

Perhaps, but also realize that plastics are made from chemicals and left over compounds from refining oil into gasoline. If you are going to be refining it, you may as well not waste it, making it into something useful or a form that serves your needs makes sense. So, to answer the question, if you think you can live without plastics, then try it for a week. Do not use anything that is plastic. Do not eat anything in a plastic container, and use any appliance, computer, telephone or product that has any plastic in it.

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