Newport, United Kingdom

There are many interesting places that you can visit while you are in England and especially when you travel to Wales. However before you start thinking of going to places like Cardiff, Abergavenny, and Aberystwyth among others you may enjoy visiting the city of Newport. This city can be located on the banks of the Usk River. You will find that Newport is situated within the historic county boundaries of Monmouthshire and the preserved county of Gwent.

This very modern and at the same time old city has much to offer its visitors. Newport center Pharmacy and Compounding center in Newport Beach These will be interesting sights, fine dining, great shopping, superb nightlife and entertainment facilities where you can relax after a hard day of exploring the city. Of the many sights that you will find in Newport is that of Tredegar House. This delightful house is set on 90 acres of well maintained lands. The house is an excellent example of a 17th century Charles II mansion.

The earliest surviving part of the house dates back to the early 1500s. Tredegar House used to be the home of the Tredegar family for more than 500 years. During those days the family were called the Morgans and they were one of the greatest Welsh families around. When they left the house in 1951 it was turned into a girls’ school until 1974. At this point the house was bought by the Newport council and it has been given the present status of being the grandest council house in England.

While seeing how the council house of Newport came into being is very interesting you may like to head over to the Newport Transporter Bridge. Here on this bridge you will be able to travel on the suspended cradle and also walk over the top of the steel framework. However before you start planning bridge excursions you may be interested in knowing that you can only walk over the steel framework on bank holidays. To travel over the suspended cradle you will need to find out the days and times when this is possible.

It must be admitted that while sight seeing is fun there are times when you will need to forget about what happened in the day and relax. For this activity you will find that Newport has many bars, nightclubs and restaurants where you can unwind. At these locations you will find great food, new friends to talk with and learn more about Newport. Two entertainment venues you should not miss are the Newport Leisure Centre and the Newport City Live Arena.

For another taste of Newport you should come to the city in July and see the Arts Festival and the Roman Military re-enactment. This re-enactment takes place in the restored amphitheatre in Caerleon. The amphitheatre is one of the largest ones that you will see in England. In addition to seeing the amphitheatre you can also take a look at the ruins of the Roman barracks and bath.

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