7 Tips to Improve Your Vocabulary For Online CAT 2010

In simple words, vocabulary refers to ability to learn the words of a language or having a good knowledge about the language. For CAT, it is imperative for you to have a strong vocabulary, especially for the reading comprehension and verbal ability section. Know making your vocabulary strong is not a one day task. Rather it is a process where a person gains expertise through practice and reading over a period of time. As a student, you must develop a skill set to crack the above mentioned sections to score high marks. It is not very difficult if you dedicatedly follow the correct measure. Take a glace at 7 tips that can help you to improve your vocabulary –

A. Make your base strong – You must commence with reading magazines and other reading materials as this will help you to come across more and ore words that you can learn. To have a strong command over the language you must make your base strong. Read anything that comes your way as this will steadily aid you to gain knowledge about more words as well as the grammar.

B. Read a lot – You must read a lot in order to gain expertise. Remember, merely knowing new words will not help to score high marks. You must be well versed and know the right words. This can be facilitated by reading a lot of books, journals and other stuff. Also, you can browse the net to do value additions as there are no dearths of websites which can help you improve your vocabulary.

C. Practice what you read- It is not possible to memorize all the new words that you have learnt. If you try to do so, it may be a difficult as well as time consuming. The best way is to practice these words in your everyday conversation. This could a smart way to learn the words as well as know their meaning.

D. Look at synonyms – Learning new words is of no use if you are do not remember their meaning. In order to simplify the process of learning the meaning of new words, look at the synonyms and try to relate the difficult word with the simple ones. For instance, the word jeopardy means the same as danger, threat or hazard. Try to find more simple words and relate them as this will help you to know the meaning and remember them easily.

E. Play crosswords and scrabble – When you have free time and you want to spend some time by indulging in some form of activity, it is suggested that you play games like crosswords and scrabble as this will help you to learn more words and you can also learn from the other person who is playing with you. Your leisure time will turn into a fun filled learning activity.

F. Take vocabulary test – By taking up the vocabulary test you can know where you stand and what the room for improvement is. The more tests you take the more you learn.

G. Refer a dictionary – Always refer a dictionary and look for meaning of the words you don’t know. Having a dictionary with will help you to know more words quickly as you have a help at hand ready with you.

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