Power Words Generate Sales

Whether you have a website or an eBay Auction business the goal is to entice your visitors to become buyers. As explained in my book, experts both online and offline agree that the way to do this is by using Power Words in your ads. So, what are Power Words?

Power Words are the words experts use to create emotions in their readers. These words give the reader a visual picture and creates an urgency to buy. Below you will find some of the most important Power Words used by experts. These words have been tried and proven over and over again to attract and motivate visitors to become buyers. Use these Power Words in your headlines, on your website sales pages, and in your eBay Auction pages to generate more sales.


Web surfers are often looking for a freebie. So if you can include a “FREE trial” or give your visitors something for free, this will entice them take a closer look. Try saying “FREE Online Traffic!”.


The word “You” makes your headline or sales copy more personal. Your visitor will relate to what he/she is reading, thus creating an image in their mind. The word “you” will help your visitor decide to become a buyer. Use sentences like, “Do you want to make a serious income online?” or ” You can leave the rat race behind!”.


Anything that is “NEW” always attracts attention. Use sentences like “New information never before shared with the public!” or “New product never before seen in America!”.


People want to be told that a product or information they are considering buying is “PROVEN” to work. Use sentences like, “5 Proven Steps To…” or “A Proven Technique for…”.


Your visitor is going to want to know that your product is guaranteed to do what you say it does. And that you have some sort of guarantee in place, so be sure to tell them you do. Try saying things like, “100% Satisfaction Guarantee!”


You always need to tell people what you want them to do next. One way of doing this is to use the words “Act Now!”. This tells them they should not delay. “ACT NOW! Don’t miss this incredible offer!”.


If your product has a price that is only for a “LIMITED TIME” let your visitors know. Using the words “LIMITED TIME OFFER” will entice your visitors to “BUY NOW!” so they don’t miss out on the great offer you are providing them. By the way “BUY NOW” is another set of Power Words you can use.


We all search for the “LATEST” info or the “LATEST” gadgets we can find. The word “LATEST’ will grab your visitors attention. Try sentences like, “Get the Latest Techniques on…!” or “The Latest Information on…!”.


Today people are really into doing it themselves. We all want to learn “How To” do better in our business, our jobs and our lives. To entice your visitors to have a closer look use “How To” to describe what your product can teach them.


If you are an expert on any topic then you have the “Inside Scoop” on that topic. So tell your visitors that you are an “INSIDER”. Try, “An Insider’s Guide to…” or “Insider’s Secrets that will…”.

These are just a few of the Power Words that could make a huge difference in your sales when marketing your product or service. Use them on all your sales content to attract attention and convert more visitors into buyers thus increasing your bottom line.

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