Shear Perfection – If You Use Professional Hair Scissors Your Mane Will Thank You

Sharpen your scissors and get ready to style! This season’s hottest hair styles are everywhere but are you prepared? Many people think they can cut their own locks to get great, trendy hairstyles but don’t get too carried away. Make sure you have the right tools to trim and that your hair scissors are usable and have good quality.

Now that those stubborn bangs have grown out past your eyes and your split ends are too tough to handle, you are definitely ready for a quick at-home remedy. So make sure you use the following tools to get a clean cut if you’re not going to a professional salon. You will need a water bottle, professional hair scissors, a fine-toothed comb, a mirror, a non-carpeted area and a cape or towel with a clip.

If your hair is too dry when you go to cut it, it will be much too hard to get an even cut. Wet down the area you’ll be trimming or cutting with the water bottle. When you use water, the hair will be much more cooperative and matted down, coming in handy when it’s time to use the scissors.

Next come the shears!  DO NOT use the scissors you use for every day projects in the office. These aren’t specialized for your hair so they won’t do as good of a job as real, professional hair scissors can do. Invest in a nice pair that you know will last a while and will do a good job on your locks. A good idea is to always look at reviews online for any type of product before you spend lots of money on it. When looking for the hair shears make sure to go with a pair that is extremely sharp and knick-free. Also, when they are not in use, keep them away from wet areas so they don’t get rusty.

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