Requirements for US Expats for Filing Income Tax Returns

Living outside USA will not get you rid of the requirement to file annual income tax. Citizens and US green card holders are required by law to file their tax each year even if they have stayed outside United States or have not generated any income in United States of America. They should continue to file their returns same as when they were living in US if their annual gross income as an individual is in excess of $ 9,350 or $ 18,700 when filing as married jointly. The filing of tax return by expats is also required to claim any tax benefit including foreign earned income exclusions or foreign tax credits. Let us further study these requirements.

There are some special provisions in place which are applicable for expat taxpayers to make it convenient for them to file their returns. The filing of state returns may not be due but it is still mandatory for all of them to file their federal return4refund tax returns to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) department.

Let us first understand that filing of a return doesn’t mean that necessarily you have to pay something to the tax authorities. As an expat you can qualify for foreign earned income exclusion in Form 2555. This means an expat earning in excess of $ 100,000 can still pay no taxes in US. In case you have paid any foreign income taxes you can claim tax credits of the equivalent account.

US expats have several options on where they have to send their tax returns. In case where no income tax is due they can file by mail addressed to IRS, Austin, TX office. In the case where you have tax dues you need to mail the return to IRS, Charlotte, NC office. American tax payers can also submit their returns at the nearest consulate office. Special extra time of six months is also provided to the expat taxpayers in order to file their returns. They usually have to file their returns by 15th October every year, this six months extension is automatic and one doesn’t need apply to avail it. A simple form 4868 is supposed to be filed by this category of taxpayers.

One always also has a choice of electronically preparing and submitting their returns from an off shore location. This method has proven to be more efficient and less cumbersome.

Learn more about efile & file tax returns online

Filing paper returns have now become a thing of past. Nearly 70% of the American Taxpayers are filing their income tax returns online each year and this number is growing. Most of the people choose to file the returns online due to the very fact that it is much more convenient way when compared to the traditional method of paper return. We often forget choosing to e-file returns also saves us lot of money. Let us discuss further how we can save while we choose to e-file our tax return.

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